Assignment 2

As I looked through the pages of my peers I noticed a lot of interesting parallels between each student. We all used the same apps, went to the same websites, loved Netflix. It was really interesting to look at what everyone had in common and where we all differed. In particular I found quite a few people who enjoyed watching specific shows that I did or liked playing the same games. It was a very fun experience!

Common Theme: Reasons for being in this class
There were a lot of general similarities between students and their reasons for being in the class. In particular the honesty of these two students really struck me and made me giggle. These two agreed that the reason why they were in the class was because it filled a credit requirement for them!

Matthew Stevens               Brian Ta

Common Theme: Overwatch
Several people in the class mentioned that they really liked playing various video games. In particular these few students really liked Overwatch. They didn't specify whether they were PC or PS4 gamers though!

Anthony Cooper               Vincent Tran               Jacob Mathews               Eric Rangil

Common Theme: Game of Thrones
There was a large protion of the class which really enjoyed watching Game of Thrones. It was pretty interesting because often times they wouldn't have much else in common but the show appears to be universal. I'll have to check it out.

Riley North               Hayden Chandler               Anamika Bedi               Rishabh Yadav

Alexis Salisbury               Somnath Mishra

Common Theme: Wechat
I have never heard of the app wechat but it appeared to be a very common means of communication in our class.

Ruicong Cai               Amandeep Bahl               Zhiyong Yang               Menglong Piao

Yuxiong Lu